From the Internal Revenue Service Director, Test Assurance and Documentation (TAD):

"... your world class expertise in the discipline of applications testing and your laser focus on enabling TAD to discover, embrace, and implement a more expansive enterprise view of itself as a testing organization are, in large measure, responsible for the success of the ongoing evolution of TAD ... We have benefitted extensively from your engagement ... Thank you for your exemplary service and contributions to TAD, the agency, and the American people during the time you have spent with us."

(Full text of memorandum)

From Cem Kaner J.D., Ph.D., Professor of Software Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology and Owner, lawyer / writer / testing consultant:

"When I met Doug, he was helping run Silicon Valley's ASQ. Public service has always been important to him. We explored our differences by teaching together, debating in front of the students. Our students (and I) learned a lot from him. Later, we jointly consulted to HP on test automation. He helped them through significant changes. I was proud to be associated with him."

From Ross Collard, Owner, Collard & Company and Computer Software Consultant:

"Excellent level of service -- Doug is highly experienced and knowledgeable, recognized as a leader in the test and QA field, listens well and is highly responsive to clients, reasons well and presents clearly, and has high integrity."

From Brian Marick, Software consultant, specializing in agile methods with a testing slant:

"Doug is one of the handful of consultants I refer my own clients to. I have never regretted doing so."

From Bill Deibler, Owner, Software Systems Quality Consulting:

"I've known Doug for many years, through my work involvement with him as well as his volunteering for organizations such as ASQ. Doug has always been unselfish with his time in volunteering to foster improvements in the software engineering and testing worlds. Doug is a thoughtful consultant who does well in understanding the needs of his clients and delivering services that meet those needs."

From John Gomes, Director of QA at WebEx:

"Doug completed a very thorough analysis of our software development lifecycle and provided a detailed roadmap for improvements in Engineering and QA. He's a well-known expert in the field and I recommend him highly for analyzing any Software Development and QA organization."

From James Bach, Consulting Software Tester; Teacher of Testers:

"Doug has helped sharpen my ideas about testing. He's a well known and respected member of the context-driven testing community. He's one of the few people I am eager to teach with."