Bugs for Sale

IV EBTS (Recife, Brazil)

April, 2010 IV EBTS

Our goal in testing is not just to find and report bugs; it includes getting appropriate action taken based on the information we report. By taking the view that we are selling a bug when we report it we can be more successful at getting the right attention. At the same time we will increase the number of bugs we get fixed by improving communication in the bug reports.

The talk explains how to sell bugs and how the selling of bugs helps get more bugs fixed and better decisions made.  It describes the kind of information it takes to sell a bug.

The main points made include:

1. Motivating a person to buy
2. Overcoming objections
3. Identifying the audience
4. Capturing the important information
5. Keeping it simple

Talk presented at IV Encontro Brasileiro de Testes de Software (IV EBTS).

Bugs For Sale (Slides)