Architecture and Design of Automated Software Tests

PNSQC Spring Workshop 2000

1999 International Quality Week Conference; East Bay SSQA (EBSSQA)

Designing a practical test automation architecture provides a solid foundation for a successful automation effort.  This talk describes elements of automated testing that need to be considered, models for testing that can be used  for designing a test automation architecture, and considerations for successfully combining the elements to form an  automated test environment. The paper covers:

  • Important differences between manual and automated testing that must be factored into a test automation  architecture
  • The role test results capture and comparison plays in test automation
  • A model for software testing useful for designing test automation architectures
  • The use of oracles for generation of expected results
  • An approach to designing a test automation architecture based on the factors.

Presented at EBSSQA, March 1998 and 1998 International Quality Week Conference

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