Five Automation Fallacies

Better Software Conference

Five Test Automation Fallacies that Will Make You Sick

Better Software Conference, 2009

Five common misunderstandings about test automation lead to trouble. If unchecked, any of these problems can cause failure of an automation effort. When these common fallacies are recognized, we can minimize or avoid the problems.

The presentation covers the fallacies, how to find more bugs with automated tests, what makes automated tests different from manual tests, typical errors in test automation, the difficulties with most automated results comparisons, where automated tests are valuable, and actions that can be taken to avoid trouble over these problems.

  • Automated tests find many bugs.
  • Manual tests make good automated tests.
  • What to check is clear and simple.
  • We know what to expect.
  • More automated regression tests are always better.

Presented at Better Software Conference, June, 2009

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