Title Date Purpose
Advanced Automation Architectures (Tutorial) 02/06/2007 Conference for the Association for Software Testing (CAST) 2007
Lessons for Testing From Financial Accounting 07/21/2008 2008 Conference of the Association for Software Testing
Divide and Conquer 01/01/2005 Better Software, "Front Line" January 2005
Advanced Equivalence Class Analysis 03/19/2014 Presentation at Belgium Testing Days 2014 (double session)
Five Automation Fallacies 06/08/2009 Better Software Conference
Improved Testing Using a Test Execution Model 10/07/2013 STPCon Fall 2013
Leverage Test Automation ROI 10/04/2012 STAR West 2012 (Keynote)
Non-Regression Test Automation 09/25/2012 STPCon Fall 2012 (workshop)
Nine Types of Oracles 02/13/2013 Belgium Testing Days 2013
Non-Regression Test Automation 10/08/2012 STPCon Fall 2012
CAST 2009 Interview with Doug Hoffman 05/09/2009 Michael Kelly Interview about "Why Tests Don't Pass"
Darker Side of Metrics, The 10/02/2000 PNSQC 2000
Cost Benefits for Test Automation 05/09/1999 STAR West 1999
Automated Testing of Embedded Software 04/02/2003 Spring 2003 SoftwareTest Automation Conference
Automated Results Comparison Isn't Always Easy 03/01/2016 Recife Summer School (Recife, Brazil)
Architecture and Design of Automated Software Tests 05/02/2000 PNSQC Spring Workshop 2000
Avoiding the "Test and Test Again" Syndrome 07/16/2007 Conference for the Association for Software Testing (CAST) 2007
Bugs for Sale 04/21/2010 IV EBTS (Recife, Brazil)
Five Fallacies About Test Automation 07/09/2015 STPCon, Fall 2015
High Value Automated Testing 10/04/2015 STPCon, Fall 2015 (Workshop)
Early Testing Without the Test and Test Again Syndorme 11/14/2006 SSQA November 2006
Evolving Leadership Within AST 03/14/2012 AST Blog
Exploratory Test Automation 03/17/2014 Belgium Testing Days 2014 & 2013 (workshop), PNSQC 2013 (workshop), STPCon Spring 2012 & Fall 2011 (workshop)
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis 03/12/2007 ASQ Section 0613, May 2000
Graphical Display of Testing Status for Complex Configurations 04/17/2007 PNSQC 2007
Heuristic Test Oracles 07/19/1999 Software Testing and Quality Engineering Magazine, April 1999
Lessons Learned From Financial Accounting 02/21/2008 CAST 2008
Measuring the Quality of Software Consulting 04/19/1994 Fourth International Conference on Software Quality
Metrics for Metrics: Cost Analysis and Justification 11/17/1998 Developing Strategic I/T Metrics Conference 1998
Mutating Automated Tests 07/19/2000 SSQA, May 2000
Misleading Metrics 10/01/2002 Dr. Dobb's Journal, October 01, 2002
Overview of ASQ's Certification in Software Quality Engineering (CSQE) 09/16/2002 Quality Week 2002
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis 05/08/2000 May, 2000 ASQ Presentation
Requirements for Test Automation 10/19/1999 PNSQC 2000SSQA December 2000
The Software Quality Group’s Relationship to Development 05/18/1993 Quality Week 1993
What Makes Software Quality Different? 04/20/2001 ASQ SV Section 2003
Why Tests Don't Pass 10/11/2009 CAST July, 2009; PNSQC October, 2009
Measuring the Quality of Consulting 10/14/1994 Quality Week 1994PNSQC 19944ICSQ
21CFR Part 11: Electronic Signatures, Electronic Records 05/16/2000 May, 2000 ASQ Presentation
Design of Oracle Based Automated Tests 05/21/2009 SQC Germany 2009 (1/2 Day Class)
Exhausting Your Testing Options 07/22/2003 July/August 2003 STQE Magazine
Exploratory Test Automation  08/11/2010 CAST 2010 (Joint presentation with Cem Kaner)
A Graphical Display of Testing Status for Complex Configurations 10/17/2007 Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference 2007
Review Comments on the Proposed IEEE Software Engineering Body of Knowledge V1.00 (2003) 06/18/2003 Personal Email to IEEE SWEBOK Committee, June 2003
Self-Verifying Data 10/22/2012 PNSQC 2012
Test Automation Architectures: Planning for Test Automation 05/26/1999 1999 International Quality Week Conference; East Bay SSQA (EBSSQA)
Test Oracles 04/20/2010 April, 2010 IV EBTS
Testing Automation Beyond Regression Testing 04/16/2008 Spring 2008 STPCon
Automating Results Comparison Isn't Always Easy 02/09/2009 2009 Recife Summer School (Brazil)  (1/2 Day Class)
A Taxonomy of Test Oracles 05/10/1998 1998 Quality Week
Using Test Oracles in Automation 05/25/2000 Quality Week 2000PNSQC 2001Spring 2003 Software Test Automation Conference
A Process for Measuring the Quality of Software Consulting 05/09/1994 PNSQC
What's Different About Software 05/19/2017 ASQ Silicon Valley Innovation Conference
Managing Quality Changes: Setting Your Horizons 05/18/1989 Quality Week 1989
The Effects of Hardware Advances on Software Quality Assurance 05/01/1990 Quality Week 1990
Assessing the Quality of a Software Development Project 05/01/1991 Quality Week 1991